giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

Story of my Sketchbook - part 6

Ehy! news from my sketchbook! some pages were drawn traveling by train to my school in Florence. I love drawing on train!

lunedì 6 gennaio 2014

Woodworker Home

Ehy! I finished a new animation background, a woodworker home this time!
I started with some thumbnails and sketches, because I wanted to represent an intern in a old style, but I didn't have a clear idea about the framing and the composition in the beginning. After I mixed some of the ideas, I prepared the final drawing on paper using also references from internet and doing a research for the general design. Before starting to paint, I did a quick values study for a better understanding of lights and shadows and also for the layers (foreground, middleground and the background). After this step, I started to add some basic flat colors and to render the image. In the final step I added some details, like reflections and some objects.
The inspiration came from the amazing work of the great Artist Marcelo Vignali.
I post the main steps of the process.